Founder’s Message
The Chairman
Ibrahim Muhammad Bin Saedan

” A history full of achievements and accumulated experiences – parts of which are mentioned in a book entitled – “My Life in Real Estate.””

I am like a compass, heading with everything I have towards the north. It was no longer just a search for financial gains but a feeling that Riyadh, my beloved city, is like my beautiful child who I enjoy seeing grow and grow. Despite my real estate focus and plans to develop the neighborhoods of North Riyadh and its surrounding regions, neither time nor money has been spared to take advantage of these opportunities.

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I believe in an old real estate conviction of looking for the potential in what others may neglect to see or consider to be a real risk. In general, trade is an adventure, and those who are not adventurous and daring will not achieve their commercial ambitions. But this adventure does not mean a reckless misunderstanding and assessment of business matters.